“Create a line of code, touch the lives of millions” might sound audacious, but in the Intel® Software and Services Group, it’s what we do. We’re on a trailblazing mission to connect and enrich the lives of every person on the planet. And we’re just getting started. Our goal is to unite everyone and bring them into one seamless experience – whenever, wherever, and whatever they’re doing. The harmonious relationship between hardware and software, people and experiences, humanity and technology is how we relate. Changing the status quo, one invented moment to the next, is how we roll. And we’re looking for people willing to challenge the limits of what’s possible, develop awe-inspiring solutions to big problems, and create new realities for the world.


Engineering Amazing Windows® 10 Experiences powered by Intel® Processors

Intel and Microsoft* have changed the way we interact with technology. Intel and Microsoft software engineers worked to reimagine the computing experience, making interactions with our devices more personal and more intuitive.1

With Windows 10, Intel and Microsoft are advancing what’s possible—so that you can have more amazing experiences with your technology.

Intel Inside®. Exceptional Experiences Outside.

Discover more about the new features available on Intel-powered Windows 10* devices at www.intel.com/windows10

Intel is changing the face of technology-and inspiring innovation-by creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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Life at Intel

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