At Intel, we don't just create software and hardware products. We bring computing platforms to life. A key component of our success in this is our willingness to share our expertise with the broader ecosystem. From offering best-known methods to providing insights into unique architecture opportunities, our role as consultants to the industry infuses valuable customer perspective and progressive development thinking into the process.

What You'll Do

Our technical consulting engineers are often the face of Intel technology. You'll provide expert consulting to Intel customers to help improve software quality and system performance, infuse the voice of the customer into the development process, and offer key education and training to support the sales organization.

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Intel® Software Insight Magazine
Intel's E-magazine is dedicated to the leaders and enthusiasts who work and play in the vast software ecosystem. Read about the topics that drive, define, and propel all facets of the software industry: the issues, the technologies, the successes, the innovations.

Intel® Software Development Products
When it comes to third-party software solutions, we want to help developers rock their code on Intel® architecture. That’s why we deliver powerful developer tools for any Intel platform, serial to manycore. For everything from compilers and performance libraries to error-checking and profiling tools, we help developers succeed at every step

What You'll Bring

Technical knowledge, people skills, and outstanding problem solving add up to success for an Intel technical consulting engineer. These individuals think quickly in pressure situations and enjoy meeting customers face-to-face.

A successful candidate will have a bachelors or masters in Electrical Engineering or Computer Science, and some knowledge in industry segments such as oil, science, manufacturing, finance, multimedia, or enterprise. Good presentation skills in front of both small and large audiences in virtual or in-person environments are a plus. Experience or training with parallel programming methodologies in OpenMP*, MPI, Intel® Clik Plus, Intel® Threading Building Blocks, Intel Array Building Blocks or native threads; working knowledge of Linux* and Microsoft* Visual Studio C++ development environments; and developing, maintaining and supporting C++ and Fortran applications is beneficial.


Although we typically hire seasoned pros and degreed individuals with relevant military background in our technical consulting roles, we're committed to helping our interns and employees who have graduated from college to grow and develop themselves and their career. Take that first step to build your career; select View all Technical Consulting Engineer Jobs or View Software Jobs to see all the opportunities we have in Software.


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