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Intel is committed to answering the needs of the rapidly evolving technology world. But our innovations can’t change the world unless sales professionals like you deliver our comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to where our customers need them most. The world continues to adopt new technological solutions to fundamental problems on a daily basis. By connecting our customers to some of the most advanced innovations Intel has to offer, our sales professionals shape industries and societies all over the world.

Our customers range from the world’s largest enterprises and institutes such as Fortune 500 companies, governments, systems integrators and emerging solutions providers. We are looking for sales professionals with both the business acumen to understand the everyday problems faced by these clients and the technical knowledge to identify practical solutions to those problems using our broad portfolio of technological products.

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“There’s not a single company in the world that has such a progressive, thought provoking, and global view of ‘what’s going on.’ Combine this with the fact that we are literally inventing the “digital fabric” for the next generation, and you can see how we can help our customers in ways that others cannot. On our team, talented people know they can make a lasting difference to the societies we’re in and the businesses we’re part of.”

Andrew Moore – Program Manager, Intel Sales & Marketing


Ours is a culture founded upon a collaboration of diverse ideas and backgrounds to create some of the world’s most forward-thinking solutions to the problems faced by every organization. Innovation requires a lot of diverse input, and to get that we enable our team members to explore and discover the roles that they can become the most personally invested in. Our sales professionals are no different, and we see diversity of ideas and cultures in our communication and sales efforts to be just as integral to our success as it is in our development efforts. Discover what makes us Intel.

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Make an Impression

The following are qualities that make successful candidates stand out among our applicant pool. Our sales professionals do more than present catalogues and take orders, we are the purveyors of the technological future, and it is up to us to show an organization how they can use our technology to improve the way they function.

To succeed in this role, you will need:

  • The business acumen to identify customer problems and the situations leading to them along with the technical knowledge necessary to understand how our products could affect solutions to those problems.
  • Expertise in your own business unit and scope to expand knowledge in support of other specific business units.
  • The capability to enable the business unit teams to gain a deeper understanding of the products they advocate and share these insights with our global clientele.
  • The ability to collaborate with other business unit representatives worldwide to represent One Intel.


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What you Gain beyond a Job

  • We are committed to developing industry leading products across one of the industry’s widest and most comprehensive portfolios.
  • The ever changing technological landscape provides incredible opportunities to have a real impact on the world.
  • We invest in our employees’ professional development and career progression, allowing you to find the role that ignites your passion.
  • We strongly believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion.

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