At Intel, we understand that to win the future of computing we need different perspectives and ideas to accelerate the pace of innovation. We’re exploring new and creative ways to attract the best and brightest like yourself.

Our program allows a broader view of Intel by sharing your information with a large seletion of hiring managers and groups to better identify great opportunities. We are starting with the talent, which is you. Once we have identified appropriate opportunities, you may be invited to one of our events that will allow you to have direct connection with senior leaders, interview with a variety of hiring managers and learn more about our environment and culture.


Our bold and passionate commitment to reinvent our company and make everything smart with Intel inside means you can count on us for an unrivaled career and life experience:

  • We’ve been driving technology innovation for over 45 years. By continually delivering on Moore’s Law, our advanced technology continues to improve computing every day. And we don’t plan on stopping.
  • You can decide what your future looks like. With opportunities to change roles, teams and even locations, you have the power to shape your ideal career.
  • 24,000+ patents say we know how to break boundaries. We value the curious, the brilliant, and the ones who won’t take “no” for an answer. Our wealth of diverse perspectives fuels unparalleled innovation.
  • We believe in work-life integration. Even hard-chargers need to recharge, so our creative perks and unique benefits help you do just that.

So bring your brilliance. We’ll provide the opportunity for you to shine.



Danielle M. Brown

“I’m so impressed by our Red Carpet Talent --they bring new experiences and thinking to Intel. As a company, we are learning from these leaders and building teams with diverse skill sets to evolve and grow our business.”

Danielle M. Brown, Vice President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

“The Red Carpet events offer a refreshing difference to the typical hiring processes. We bring in Executive level speakers, motivated hiring managers, supporting staff and volunteers to extend all attendees a warm welcome to Intel and hopefully excite candidates about the amazing work we do here.”

Howard Wright, Vice President and Director of Strategic Carrier Business Development and 5G partnerships in the Communication and Devices Group

Danielle M. Brown


“As a Red Carpet hire, I immediately had a network of other new-to-Intel co-workers and met managers from many different groups that I stay in contact with as mentors, today.”

Karenga Ross, Technical Program Manager, Data Center Group

“This is the first type of event like this that I have attended, and I have been blown away. The Red Carpet event gave me an inside intel view of the job opportunities and allowed me to have direct conversations with hiring managers. I successfully landed a role where I have the opportunity to dive in immediately and deliver on Intel’s strategic acquisition goals. As an Intel Red Carpet Alum, I continue to volunteer, network and meet with new candidates.”

Anna Arellano Prunty, Finance Information Systems – M&A Program Manager, Cross Enterprise Services IT