At Intel, we expect our products to perform to the highest possible standards - ours. That’s why we employ thousands of incredibly smart software experts to poke holes, challenge assumptions and validate performance for every product that runs on Intel architecture. Our validation engineers have expertise in every arena, including applications, middleware, silicon co-design, software services, software developer tools, firmware, OS/kernel, graphics and media. From simulation to validation to process quality, we look for issues at every level, so our customers can count on combined software and hardware solutions that perform as close to perfectly as possible.

What You'll Do

As an Intel validation engineer, you’ll define, develop and automate new software validation environments and test programs to evaluate the integration of multiple applications. From creating new test approaches and improving existing processes to performing software-level debugging, you’ll be responsible for deep analysis of product architecture for ongoing improvements.

In quality assurance, you’ll define quality plans including quality/release criteria and targets. You will also track progress against quality goals and lead process improvement activities.

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Intel® Software Development Products
When it comes to third-party software solutions, we want to help developers rock their code on Intel® architecture. That’s why we deliver powerful developer tools for any Intel platform, serial to manycore. For everything from compilers and performance libraries to error-checking and profiling tools, we help developers succeed at every step.

Intel® Software Insight Magazine
Intel's E-magazine is dedicated to the leaders and enthusiasts who work and play in the vast software ecosystem. Read about the topics that drive, define, and propel all facets of the software industry: the issues, the technologies, the successes, the innovations.

Intel® Visual Adrenaline Magazine
Get the scoop from game developers, industry leaders and experts, and featured artists on new games, cool tools, and apps, plus visions and opinions on all areas of visual computing such as gaming, graphics, animation, video, physics, engines, and more.

What You'll Bring

Our QA and validation engineers are smart, intuitive and detail-oriented. Successful candidates will have a bachelors or masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering, with 3-5 years of experience depending on your education. Experience with test-driven development, exploratory testing, API/compiler testing and other agile testing methods are important. You will also want strong background in Windows*, Linux*, and C/C++ programming, as well as scripting languages like Perl/Python, and various software profiling and debugging tools. Knowledge of quality management systems like CMMI is recommended. Understanding of Intel products and the customer environment are a plus.


View all QA / Validation / Test Jobs or select View Software Jobs to see all the opportunities we have in Software. Within the QA/validation/tester roles we typically have opportunities for college graduates, as well as individuals with related work experience. Individuals with a degree and relevant military background are also considered.


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