Are you a software stack superstar? At Intel we have opportunities for specialists in application, middleware, operating system-kernel, silicon co-design and system software to help us hit new performance highs. Our Performance Optimization Engineers are always looking for ways to improve - ways to do things faster, smarter, and smaller. If you’ve got software performance and analysis expertise, you could be the one to identify the answers that will advance our platforms.

What You'll Do

As a performance optimization engineer, you’ll conduct experiments and analysis to identify performance challenges and uncover optimization opportunities for every major software stack that runs on Intel® architecture. Our internal engineering and marketing teams, as well as external independent software vendors and original equipment manufacturers will count on your results to influence software and hardware products and market to end users.

Application and middleware optimization engineers use expertise in the software stack, performance characterization, and hardware architecture to analyze performance of software/hardware combinations and help advance our product roadmap.

Software performance engineers characterize, analyze and fine-tune application software to help deliver optimal performance on Intel architecture

You’ll have the advantage of working in a leading software environment and the kind of flexibility that only a cross-platform company like Intel can offer. So, if you want the opportunity to influence hardware designs to enable new software capabilities and maximize performance, this is the role for you.

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Intel® Software Development Products
When it comes to third-party software solutions, we want to help developers rock their code on Intel® architecture. That’s why we deliver powerful developer tools for any Intel platform, serial to manycore. For everything from compilers and performance libraries to error-checking and profiling tools, we help developers succeed at every step.

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Intel's E-magazine is dedicated to the leaders and enthusiasts who work and play in the vast software ecosystem. Read about the topics that drive, define, and propel all facets of the software industry: the issues, the technologies, the successes, the innovations.

What You'll Bring

Successful performance optimization engineers typically have a bachelors in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or a related technical degree. We’re looking for individuals that know specific software stacks inside and out. Excelling in performance characterization, extensive knowledge of analysis methodologies, and expertise in hardware architecture and performance tools are powerful advantages. And we value candidates who have experience with the latest Intel architectures and instruction sets, knowledge of software/hardware interaction and the software development lifecycle, and experience with performance tools, languages and libraries.

If you have a passion for squeezing every ounce of performance out of the latest software versions, we want to talk to you. Our system software performance engineers should have extensive hardware architectural knowledge including pipelines, cache hierarchies, TLBs, interconnects and memory address translations, storage protocols, performance and virtualization performance tuning, and benchmarking with SQLServer, Oracle, ESX, Hyper-V, XEN, NTTCP and IOmeter, as well as software development with C, C++, assembly and scripting languages.


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