When it comes to working with leading open source developers on a broad range of platforms, Intel is one of the few workplaces where you can experience it best. Our open source developers are making new things possible. They’re coming up with the latest software technology, and user-friendly products and applications that are changing the way we use devices. By enabling a broad spectrum of software environments and programs to run on Intel® processors and platforms, you can help set the stage for exciting breakthroughs in every technical area such as applications, middleware, graphics, security, and web technologies.

What You'll Do

As one of our open source developers, you’ll join a growing global team that has made Intel one of the world’s top Linux* contributors. You’ll work with the latest technologies and collaborate with other Intel open source developers, open source developer communities, and commercial vendors to develop dependable drivers, operating systems, and applications.

Intel open source developers provide solutions, collaborate with other Intel design, layout, and hardware engineers, and respond to customer requests to help advance Intel architecture. Whether you’re working in the tizen.org open source environment, on Linux security technologies, or implementing HTML applications using the latest web technologies, you’ll be working to make Intel products and platforms much more effective.

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Intel® Software Development Products
When it comes to third-party software solutions, we want to help developers rock their code on Intel® architecture. That’s why we deliver powerful developer tools for any Intel platform, serial to manycore. For everything from compilers and performance libraries to error-checking and profiling tools, we help developers succeed at every step.

Intel® Visual Adrenaline Magazine
Get the scoop from game developers, industry leaders and experts, and featured artists on new games, cool tools and apps, plus visions and opinions on all areas of visual computing such as gaming, graphics, animation, video, physics, engines, and more.

What You'll Bring

Successful open source developers at Intel typically have a bachelors or advanced degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or related field, with 4-6 years of experience.  We look for individuals with strong backgrounds in Linux*/UNIX, C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, WebKit and other web technologies. We also value experience with OpenGL, EGL, GLES2 and GLSL, along with familiarity working with the open source software community. The ability to read and analyze existing code for implementing components of a large-scale system is a plus. Knowledge of real-time programming, synchronization, multithreading, multi-processing, and programming at the device driver, application, and middleware levels is valuable.

If you prefer sharing innovation in an open, collaborative environment and are a regular contributor to the open source community, Intel may be the right fit. We want individuals with a holistic view of how the software kernel, operating system, applications, and the hardware interact. And we’re even more interested if you’re not afraid to document your work for the benefit of the broader community. We’re looking for the best and brightest who can work well with others for the success of the greater whole.


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