Dalian is home to Fab 68, Intel’s first memory fabrication site. F68 is a state-of-the-art memory maker and manufacturer of the first generation of 3D NAND chips. As Memory and storage are key drivers of growth for Intel, the work being done at F68 is critical to our long-term vision for success. For every piece of memory we sell, we build further inroads to other Intel key growth areas—IoT, data center, and CPU opportunities. Memory is a part of the foundation of technology that powers the smart, connected world we hope to bring to everyone.

Dalian is strategically positioned to drive this initiative in memory because it has a smart, experienced, and stable workforce, strong leadership, and a winning culture. Senior VP, Rob Crooke, notes that when you work in Dalian, you are working with, “a winning team with a tenacious spirit and hunger to excel in new, unchartered territory. If you give this organization a goal, they’ll hit it every time.” This demonstrated operational excellence has been a major reason Intel leadership is investing up to $5.5 billion dollars over the coming years to support leading-edge non-volatile memory production. With both this investment and the confidence of the global organization, Dalian has a wealth of career opportunities for you to explore.


Making Memory

Making Memory

Intel 3D NAND technology is different from any other. Our memory arrays are much closer together, providing much bigger SSD storage capacities (up to 10 terabytes), faster read/write cycles, and greater reliability over time, while sipping less power. This product, which you will help create, will fundamentally change the economics of storage for the data center as well as for connected devices. In other words, your work will help enable smart and connected things to operate more efficiently and with greater velocity—truly enabling the amazing experiences that are only possible with Intel technology.


Discover Intel and NSG Dalian

Want to explore Intel NSG Dalian and see the people there? Follow us! We invite you to witness the Intel Dalian non-volatile memory “Start of Production” ceremony with our camera.

We don’t predict the future, we build it. See how Intel products and innovations make life better.


Meet our people

Meet our people

Dr. Li, Senior Process Integration Engineer, Intel Dalian

“My wife and I joined Intel Dalian in 2011 when we got our Ph.D. from the U.S. There were job opportunities in Beijing and Shanghai but we finally chose Dalian because we wanted our work place to be close to our house, so that we could have more quality time for family. Dalian, compared to mega cities with long commute time and pollutions, is definitely a better choice for us.

I’m glad that I chose Fab 68 because every day I feel motivated. When I conquered a technical issue, I felt great satisfaction in knowing that I was saving money for Intel. I found my fundamental knowledge, hands-on skills, and analytical thinking gained through Ph.D. training were extensively used in this high tech factory.

Intel has a perfect mix of western and eastern values in its culture. In western culture, everyone is respected. In eastern culture, we all work hard because we want to take the ownership of our job. I’m also motivated by the fact that I’m surrounded by so many smart people. I was sent to work with colleagues around the world and that was a great opportunity of growth for me.

Fab 68 isn’t just a normal factory – it is a hi-tech foundation. When Intel announced that Fab 68 would be producing non-volatile, memory-based, solid-state drive, and had more adjacency to Intel’s core computing business, we were all filled with a lot of pride and energy”

- Dr. Li, Senior Process Integration Engineer, Intel Dalian

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Life in Dalian

Dalian is located on the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, It is a major port of northeastern China and a trading gateway for all of northern China. Dalian is home to major shipyards, oil refineries, diesel engineering plants, and factories for textile and chemical products. And now it also becomes the financial center of Northeast China. Since the 1990s, Dalian has emphasized the development of the IT industry, by now more than 80 Fortune Global 500 companies have landed here. With its beautiful coastal scenery and fresh ocean breezes, Dalian has developed as a major tourist destination and is known as the "Vancouver of China". It truly is one of China's most exceptional cities.


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