The System on Chip (SoC) Design Career Track is for professionals ready to join a company that powers the Data Center and billions of smart, connected devices. You will work on the next generation of cloud enabled data center products.Our SoC career track teams hone technical and leadership skills on various areas of CPU design. At Intel, we differentiate by being the world leader in developing state of art data center products , with a portfolio of upcoming products that feed Intel’s overall “virtuous cycle of growth.”

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What We Make Possible

Data centers are behind many experiences we take for granted every day. Intel is leading this charge by creating—both with software and hardware—an infrastructure on which to build the next generation of computing devices. The range of our solutions uniquely positions us to design from the ground up and build solutions into our products and platforms.

The Data Center Group (DCG) at Intel transforms us from a PC company to a company powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. The data center is the foundation for every data-driven service, from artificial intelligence to 5G to high-performance computing, and DCG delivers the products and technologies—including software, processors, storage, I/O, and networking solutions—that run and fuel cloud, communications, enterprise, and government data centers around the world.

An Insight Into What You Will Do

The System on a Chip Career Track projects are a major part of the technological innovations that support Intel’s mission to  utilize the power of Moore’s Law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth. We have many growth opportunities, including positions that will enable you to hone your technical and leadership skills on various areas of CPU design, such as SOC RTL Integration, server micro-architecture, pre-silicon verification, and physical design.

You’ll get a chance to build the deep technical skills required for server projects, including server architecture, microarchitecture, and hardware logic design, physical design, emulation and simulation design, and software debug and design.

Other areas where you may build expertise include major server CPU functionalities such as Core design, memory/DDR, PCIE, reset, clocking, fuse, power management, security, and RAS.

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A Job Like Mine


"Intel is world renowned for its ability to produce high quality silicon products in high volume. Our SoC Design Validation team maintain Intel's high quality standards by testing our products ability to execute under pressure. The cool thing about my job is that every day is different and I nevr get bored because there is such huge variety across the suite of products we test."


Validation Engineer

"Our group focus on efficiency, time to market and designing best-in-class solutions for IoT, mobile and client SoC products. In my role I have the opportunity to perform all aspects of the SoC design flow. Through my work I have space to be truly innovative by taking risks and challenging the traditional ways of execution."


SoC Design Engineer