Encompassing a variety of engineering roles, our Silicon Photonic career track is changing the landscape of technology and data centers through the study and application of this exciting technology, which allows the transfer of data among computer chips using light. Intel differentiates from other developers in this field by being one of the few organizations handling a full life cycle working model, from Research and Development all the way through to commercialization.

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What We Make Possible

Intel's Silicon Photonics career track is exploring some of the most state-of-the-art and exciting applications of light-based data transfer among computer chips. Our innovations span the bredth of the technology arena, and are being used to achieve such breakthroughs as:

Driving the Evolution of the Data Center.  Intel has always been at the forefront of this exciting new technology, and announced the world’s first hybrid silicon laser nearly a decade ago. But what truly makes our role in silicon photonics unique is not only our efficient, high-volume silicon manufacturing, but our dedication to furthering research in this field. Investing in silicon photonics enables future data center bandwidth to grow, driving evolution of form factors, speed (100G today, 400G tomorrow), and optical integration platforms.

Removing Networking Bottlenecks. This new technology reduces total cost of ownership and improves the performance of data center architectures by removing networking bottlenecks that can result in stranded compute capacity. Silicon Photonics helps by enabling high-bandwidth, software-configurable access to compute and storage, as well as permitting software defined infrastructure (SDI) deployments to decouple hardware and software resources for disaggregated data centers.

Delivering 100G Connectivity Intel®. Silicon Photonics optical transceivers are shipping in volume now, enabling data centers to cost-effectively deploy 100 Gigabit per second solutions via the only fully integrated silicon photonics solution, incorporating Intel's hybrid laser technology, featuring greater than 90% coupling efficiency, as well as industry-standard products adopted by cloud service providers and high-density optical interconnects delivered with unmatched manufacturing capabilities, scale, and cost-efficiency.

Moving Data with light. A new class of high-speed connectvity products representing the possibilities of future cloud capabilities.

An Insight Into What You Will Do

Do you enjoy helping others achieve their vision of the future? As a Sales and Marketing professional, you won’t just be helping match our customers with the right Intel® technologies and solutions, you’ll be helping to define the platforms that shape the future. This is not just sales. It’s listening to the needs and goals of our partners to shape the next innovative digital experience.

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A Job Like Mine


My team are working to replace Ethernet in the Data Centers. My role is to design automated test solutions for the laser and the receiver side of the systems – using lasers and modulators in our transmitter and photo detectors in our receivers. At Intel I’ve found what makes me happiest - my job is very challenging because what we are doing has never been done before.


Product Development Engineer