Job Family Overview

The System on Chip (SoC) Verification and Validation engineers are responsible for the ongoing process of pre-silicon validation and verification for designing a block or a chip.

SoC Verification and Validation engineers develops pre-Silicon functional validation tests to verify that the system will meet design requirements. They also creates test plans for RTL validation, define and run system simulation models, and find and implement corrective measures for failing RTL tests. Lastly, the team analyzes and uses results to modify their testing.

An Insight into What You'll Do

As an SoC Verification and Validation engineer, your role may include verifying the netlist and functionalities based on different protocols. You may also be responsible for verifying individual blocks, partitions, or intellectual property as well as verification at the chip level.

An Insight into What You'll Bring

We look for engineers who will work to keep the process going. As an SoC Verification and Validation Engineer, you will provide the protocols to verify functionality so that the chip can proceed to manufacturing. The process cannot move forward without your work.