Job Family Overview

The System on Chip (SoC) Physical Design engineers design the layout of Intel® chips, from the construction of a partition or a block to the manufacturing of the chips. As a Physical Design Engineer you will be part of a talented team of engineers that take designs from register-transfer level (RTL) to complete physical implementation, in a fast-paced and technically challenging environment.

An Insight into What You'll Do

As an SoC Physical Design engineer, you will perform all aspects of the SoC block level physical design flow: synthesis, block floor-planning, place and route, timing and power, and finally physical verification, to create a design database to be included in a full chip that is ready for manufacturing.

You may be involved in many exciting projects:

  • Floor planning, placement, CTS, routing, and approvals for each partition.
  • Timing, power delivery network, low power verification, physical verification, logical equivalence check, and layout verification.

An Insight into What You'll Bring

We look for engineers who are capable of converting the logic design into physical pre-silicon designs. As an SoC [HR1] Physical Design Engineer you make manufacturing possible—chips can’t be developed without the physical pre-silicon design.