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Intel is one of the largest employers of software engineers in the world. For every piece of hardware we dream up, a team of professionals works behind the scenes to ensure its performance and compatibility. Engage in a wide variety of technical challenges and innovative projects, from the cloud all the way to the edge, we shape the technology of the future.

As an Intel software engineer, you'll use your skills and ingenuity to create unique solutions to diverse challenges. Learn new skills constantly and engage with products that will make up the next generation of technology.

Career Profiles

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Software Application

Support and influence software developers with defining features, project setup and execution, and support bringing products to the market.

Firmware and BIOS

Develop the system firmware that controls the world’s most innovative applications in graphics, smart phones, laptops, and other devices.

Network Engineer

Deliver innovative computing, technology, and communication platforms.

OS Engineering

Design software for silicon devices and platforms running on Windows.

Systems Engineering

Analyze IoT SoC requirements and develop SoC and system architectural concepts.

Test, Validation and Verification Engineering

Develop, apply, and maintain quality standards for our always evolving software products.

Linux Kernel Engineers

Direct the design and development of Linux Kernel software for silicon devices and platforms.

RF Design

Analyze RF and design circuits at frequencies where transmission lines are comparable to the wavelength.

Software Development Engineering

Design, write, and test the source code involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, and other software components.

Software Internships

Gain real-time experience modifying, editing, and debugging software products.

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