Silicon Photonics

Tap the potential of light

Intel's Silicon Photonics career track is exploring some of the most state-of-the-art and exciting applications of light-based data transfer among computer chips. Join the evolution of silicon technology as an integral part of a global organization contributing to Intel's mission to use silicon photonics solutions to transform and lead datacenter connectivity and enable Intel's differentiation in the networking space.

There are a lot of opportunities for creativity and innovation. We're disrupting the optical solution marketing and that allow a lot of room to try something new and stir things up.

Career Profiles

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RX Chip Design and Integration

Develop design flows for a variety of advanced circuits.

Photonics Integrated Circuit Design Engineer

Lead the development of design solutions, simulations, and layout for some of our most forward-looking projects.

Optical Engineer

Bring your creativity to the table to develop packaging design, micro-optics, optoelectrical components, and sub-systems.

Laser Engineer

Oversee the integration of semiconductor lasers with other photonic components.

Optical Test

Assist with module and system testing of optical transceiver products.

Silicon Photonics Internships

Advance your studies while gaining experience in cutting-edge technologies.

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