A problem is just a solution waiting to happen

As our devices continue to grow in power and complexity, so does our need for people who can solve complex challenges.

Our Hardware Career track is all about engineering for the future. From developing and integrating best-in-class SoCs, Cores, and the critical IPs that power our products and products across the tech industry, to opportunities in diverse fields such as state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and quantum computing, Intel Hardware engineers work to deliver quality, security, and reliability.

Career Profiles

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Design and develop overall architectures, including software, hardware, and other component designs.

Logic Design

Develop RTL design and test and validate your designs and tools.


Use customer specifications to validate RTL designs and ensure quality.

Physical Design

Enable design teams in all aspects of physical design tools, flows and methods.

Circuit Design

Take responsibility for the quality, schedule and reliability of circuits such as transmitters, receivers, clocking, and more.

Hardware Design

Design at the system level with a focus on schematic capture, PCB layout, power delivery, or signal integrity.

HW Internships

Get real-world experience with ownership of projects from day one

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