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Our Graphics career track offers an influential role in the full graphics cycle. We play at multiple levels, Our One API strategy helps Intel deliver a diverse mix of Scalar, Vector, Matrix, and Spacial Architectures designed with advanced Process technology.

Our teams thrive on innovation and constant disruption of the graphics industry as they engage in all aspects of the product development process. We strive to delight enthusiast gaming and media communities alike with game changing hardware paired with optimized software, see your ideas come to life, and make your mark on the graphics technology industry.

Career Profiles

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Graphics Software

Work with 3D graphics and open source software from early development to debugging.

Graphics Hardware

Develop, design and validate integrated GPU designs across the architecture or microarchitecture.

Graphics Research

Lay the path for future graphics product lifecycles and product definitions. Responsible for pathbreaking in the areas of Graphics SoC and software.

Graphics Architecture

Work on highly-advanced architecture that scales exponentially, bridges multiple computing and graphics platforms, and supports a range of implementations, markets, and workloads.

Graphics Validation & Verification

Develop and test new graphic solutions that create exciting experiences.

Graphics Internships

Get real-world experience with ownership of projects from day one

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