Intel executives provide their perspective on topics that concern every woman engineer

Equal pay, extended maternity leave and gradual return to work are just some of the benefits Intel gives to its female employees. Why is Intel interested in recruiting more women?


Rakefet Granot, Human Resources Manager

Rakefet Granot, Human Resources Manager

Time and again Intel is named as one of the best companies to work for in Israel. What does it mean to be a woman working for a company at the forefront of global technology and one that has a major production facility right here in Kiryat Gat? Does the high tech industry pose unique challenges to women and how does it feel to work for Israel's largest technology corporation?

Daniel Benatar, Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group Plant Manager, and Rakefet Granot, Human Resources Manager, shed light on some of the traits that make Intel so special, a leader in its field and one that advances excellence and egalitarian work environment for women and men.

Rakefet, why are there fewer women than men in the core technological positions of Israel's high tech market?

"I think the gap opens up in the early stages of people's career, when they choose their academic subjects. In our society, women do not usually picture themselves as making a career in technology. As a result, they opt for other subjects, a decision that dictates their future career."

Do you think companies should proactively encourage women employment?

"Companies need to recruit the best and most suitable people for each job. Recruiting women just because they are women will not benefit the company or the women. However, I believe companies do need to consider ways to attract more women to apply during the candidate screening stage. Women face many barriers when looking for a job. Our duty is to lower these barriers and create a level field in which to compete against other candidates. This is the reason we make our job descriptions as fair and transparent as possible so we do not drive away women who could be our candidates.

Daniel Ben Atar, Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group Plant Manager

Daniel Ben Atar, Vice President, Technology and Manufacturing Group Plant Manager

Women in the forefront of technology

Daniel, do you see a business advantage in recruiting and promoting women in technological positions?

"I believe workplaces should comprise people from different backgrounds and sectors. This principle applies also to specific project teams. When your group is diversified, you have a range of perspectives on the table. When women are employed in technological positions, we get an even more holistic view of any challenge we address. Recruiting and advancing women in the workplace also fosters a more egalitarian and open work atmosphere. We are not talking about affirmative action for women but on recruiting excellent women engineers and technical engineers, giving them an opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies while Intel benefits from high quality human capital.

Back to you, Rakefet: do the new women employees recruited to Intel participate in the Company's innovative initiatives?

"Of course; new employees are routinely assigned to teams that work on our new technologies. Here in Kiryat Gat, we have been privileged to manufacture Intel's most advanced technology and everyone is part of this amazing project. Our new employees, women and men alike, are assigned to various tasks, trained accordingly and grapple with the toughest technological challenges. This is a wonderful and special time to join Intel Israel."

People like to refer to the "corporate DNA". What's yours?

"The DNA of our Fab is excellence. Everything we do is driven by our desire to be the best. Every year, our employees succeed in attaining even bigger accomplishments. This is all due to hard work, dedication and talent. The work environment we nurture in the manufacturing Fab is one which is based on mutual respect, caring, collaboration and excellence, side by side with humility and openness to the issues that are being surfaced. This has palpable impact on the atmosphere at the Fab."

What are the special conditions and benefits that help women find their place and advance in the Company?

"Intel's compensation system is very fair; we remunerate our employees based on their contribution and results. You can see it in the equal pay and in the infrastructure that seeks to give the utmost work flexibility to all employees.

We offer a range of benefits that help parents, men and women alike, achieve a good work-life balance such as flexible work schedule and pay by performance, not by the hour. We also offer an extended maternity / paternity leave and phased return to work after childbirth. These benefits add to broad healthcare insurance coverage, children camps during school leaves, fairs with discounted household goods every Thursday and quite a few leave days to help parents deal with the multiple school vacations."

More than ever before, Intel seems to offer the ideal workplace for every woman engineer or technical engineer with equal opportunity for women and men to grow and develop as well as a chance to work with the most advanced technology used today in the production facilities.