Being a Verification Engineer at Intel

One company, many possibilities

Think you know all about Verification? Forget it.

At Intel, Verification is a whole world filled with cutting edge technology, amazing products, extraordinary people and endless possibilities.

So forget about boring Debugging routine on the same environments over and over again - Verification Engineers at Intel get to build the environment from top to bottom, using their creative thinking to make challenging modules.

Forget about being a small cork in a giant machine – Verification Engineers at Intel hold a very significant role in the process, collaborating with other functions and departments to create a state of the art process leading to innovative products.

Forget about being stuck with the same project and product day after day - Verification Engineers at Intel enjoy a large diversity in their projects, products, processes and experiences.

Verification Engineering at Intel is a whole different ball game. Here you encounter and share experiences like no place else - You get to take an important role in the making of innovative, amazing products which are used by billions of people all over the globe. You hold amazing growth opportunities, with constantly-changing projects, products, tools and also departments and roles.

You receive the trust to use your skills and experience to independently lead teams and processes, with much complexity and responsibility.

You get to develop tools, processes and methodologies that influence the organization and its members.

You use your knowledge in both HW and SW to analyze problems and find creative and smart solutions.

And last but not least – you find yourself surrounded with people just like you – curious, professional, hungry and dedicated. This leads to a strong forging of team spirit, that creates a friendly working environment where everyone knows everyone, and willing to help, replace or cover when needed.

As you can see, Verification Engineers at Intel experience many possibilities to create, to grow and to influence the technology of tomorrow, with never a dull moment.


Are you a Verification Engineer material?

If so, you probably have:

  • B.Sc/M.Sc. in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering.
  • Relevant professional experience of 3-8 years (depending on role) or software development and verification environments (hardware-software).
  • In addition to required knowledge in the following areas:
    • Simulations
    • Formal verification
    • Digital / Analog verification
    • OO, higher programming languages
    • Understanding of the hardware
    • OVM
    • VLSI DESIGN or verification
    • RTL development environment
    • SYSTEM VERILOG - an advantage
    • UNIX - an advantage

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