Being a Validation Engineer at Intel

One company, many possibilities

Every day, billions of people are using Intel products worldwide. The ability to produce and deliver so many products, to so many satisfied customers, isn't trivial. It is the result of a very long and complicated process, from the initial idea to actually manufacturing the product. And at the end of this line, making sure that the product is released working perfectly and bug-free – stand the Validation Engineer.

Validation Engineers at Intel stand at the forefront of Global technology, and hold a significant role in the success of one of the world's leading organizations. They often work on technologies and tools that the market will know only a couple of years later, working shoulder to shoulder with other departments to create the world's most amazing solutions and products.

Unlike other places, at Intel our Validation Engineers don't just write monotonous tests day after day. This role is much more broad and versatile, with innovative work on problem solving alongside advanced and complex development. Developing Hardware on Sunday and writing Software on Monday is an average week for Validation Engineers at Intel...

And like other roles at Intel, this role is an integral part of the company's core activities, and is treated as such. The engineers enjoy much trust and independence from above, and their voice is always heard and wanted.

Being a Validation Engineer at Intel is also about being versatile and ever-changing to avoid boredom and to make sure your intellectual needs are being fulfilled. Our Validation Engineers work on diverse and wide-ranging projects, products, teams and departments so they can contribute to the organization – and themselves – in many interesting ways.

If you're experienced in Validation and want to play in the NBA of technology, work with the best of the best, enjoy new and amazing challenges and play a significant role in touching the lives of billions around the world – we are waiting for you.


Are you a Validation Engineer material?

If so, you probably have:

  • B.Sc/M.Sc. in Computer Science / Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering.
  • Relevant experience in the HW validation domain.
  • Extensive technical knowledge in the following areas: FPGA, UNIX, Pre-silicon environments (collage)
  • Managing REPOSITORIES (such as GIT, GERIT)
  • Programming knowledge such as C/ C++/python/MatLab
  • Knowledge in methods of branches resource management, repository, continues integration
  • Knowledge in both HW and SW to analyze problems and find creative and smart solutions

Sounds like you? Click here to join us. We are waiting for you.