Hardware and Software Product Development Overview

At Intel, we constantly push the boundaries of innovation to make people's lives more exciting, more fulfilling, and easier to manage. Employees in our platform groups focus on technology that makes life richer and more convenient for everyone it touches.

Our product development starts with rigorous analysis at the component feasibility stage and continues through production ramp. Systems engineers work on early product definition, ensuring that new product families meet quality and reliability requirements. Our hardware teams work directly with process design and development to devise the best methods of production.

What You'll Do

Our hardware and software development teams have the important responsibility of ensuring the testability and manufacturability of integrated circuits, optimizing component production, and evaluating, developing, and debugging complex test methods. Working with our process technology development and product teams, these individuals help deliver the best process and design effective reliability models based on ROI, process limitations, Q&R requirements, and product usage models. And, with Intel's senior positions, you'll combine engineering and manufacturing work with management responsibilities.


What we make possible

What We Make Possible

Intel® Software Development Products

Our latest parallel programming models, software tools, and best practices will rock your code!


What You'll Bring

Successful hardware and software developers at Intel typically have bachelor's or advanced degrees in computer science, or electrical, electrical and computing, or mechanical engineering.

We also look for individuals with experience in board design and analysis; ASIC design, analysis, and simulation; design for manufacturability; Cadence Concept* and Allegro*; RF circuit design and debug; and firmware development. Knowledge of networking and communications protocols, Windows development, object-oriented design, compilers, and ActiveX*, as well as strong programming skills in C, C++, TCL, assembly, and Perl* are also positives.


A Job Like Mine

"The best part about working at Intel, besides the free drinks and Intel jets, has to be the ability to work anywhere you want." - Mindy, Product Engineer, Chandler, AZ, USA

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