What You'll Do

As part of the Finance team, you will have a wide array of responsibilities. You might provide business analyses and recommendations to an operating group on topics like pricing, capital investment, make vs. buy, product ROI, cost reduction and expense controls. Each team member typically works on 18 to 36 month assignments in one of our many operations business groups. You could perform financial and operational audits to enhance internal controls and operational process improvements. Or, you might provide consulting and leadership for designing and implementing next generation systems for finance and accounting. The bottom-line is that your work will have an important influence in driving Intel's profitable growth.


At Intel, you can use your software skills to change the way people think about computing. You’ll get your hands on new technology years before the general public. And you’ll get to work with some of the smartest people in the business. So, if you consider yourself a coding genius and want to learn, grow, achieve, and make the world a better place, Intel has opportunities in a variety of software development areas, including: applications, middleware, driver, firmware (BIOS, MicroCode, etc.), graphics and media, OS-kernel, security, silicon co-design, software services, developer tools, customer enabling, and web.

What You'll Do

Just like in traditional software companies, Intel software engineers work as part of a larger project development team to write, edit, and debug new software. But instead of being tied to a single operating system or hardware platform, our teams get to work across the software ecosystem. They also play a role in driving hardware and software integration. In fact, our engineers help influence the next generation leading hardware so our software solutions run even better.

We also need developers to help put together developer tools, including APIs, programming tools, compilers, libraries, performance analysis tools, software messaging infrastructure, and documentation to help third-party developers create exciting applications for our different platforms. You may even get the chance to work directly with third-party developers or other companies providing architectural advice and consultation, as well as best practice guidance for Intel technologies.

What we make possible

What We Make Possible

Software—Intel's Best-Kept Secret?

Intel is more than a silicon company. In fact, we’re one of the largest and most influential software companies in the world. We’re committed to enabling great computing experiences and that demands the ideal interaction between hardware and software. To help make that happen, we've focused on working internally and by helping the external developer community deliver an Intel—optimized software stack for everything from smartphones to the cloud and more!


In-vehicle Infotainment, Smart TVs and More

The Open Source Technology Center at Intel is a key supporter and member of the MeeGo* Community. MeeGo's common core supports development for a variety of devices from netbooks, handsets, in-vehicle infotainment, Smart TVs, and media phones.

Intel® Software Development Products

When it comes to third-party software solutions, we want to help developers rock their code on Intel® architecture. That’s why we deliver powerful developer tools for any Intel platform, serial to manycore. For everything from compilers and performance libraries to error-checking and profiling tools, we help developers succeed at every step.

What You'll Bring

Successful Intel developers and software engineers typically have a bachelors in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or Electrical Engineering. Depending on your technical area of expertise, some positions require a masters or PhD, as well as developing experience. We look for individuals with a clear understanding of software development lifecycle methodologies and practices, software security practices, WRT coding, agile programming, and object-oriented design and analysis.

As an Intel developer or software engineer, you’ll need to know how to knock out tight code, work effectively with other incredibly smart people, and tackle some of the toughest software problems. We want people who have the determination to see their ideas brought to life and then the pride of authorship to brag about their achievements through blogs, whitepapers, and forums. We value experience with the latest computer languages and extensive knowledge of the software development process from initiation to final launch. And we want people who love working with the latest technologies and appreciate all kinds of device applications from tablets and in-car infotainment to desktops, servers, and beyond.

A Job Like Mine

I delivered a highly valued internal software package as an intern last summer. My manager then offered me a full-time position to come back! ― Michael, Software Engineer, Hillsboro, OR, USA

I work on integrating AppUp with MeeGo*—be it tablets, netbooks, or the next form factor that comes in. I'm also the group's Linux* referent. ― Sergio, Sr. Software Engineer, Cordoba, Argentina

What makes me want to come to work every day? The satisfaction of writing code from scratch that will eventually be used by hundreds of people. ― Richard, Program Manager, Austin, TX, USA

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