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Business runs on the Cloud, and the Cloud runs on Intel

The Data Center Group (DCG) at Intel is at the heart of our transformation from a PC company to a company powers the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices.

Data Center Technologies created in Gdańsk are being applied in wide range of products that are used in virtually every computing center that exists in the world, as well as integrated into products and services offered by Intel’s direct customers.


Career in Gdańsk

Our Data-Driven World

Gdańsk is home to some of Intel’s foremost software experts. Here, you will find many teams working on some of the most leading edge technology in the fields of connectivity, storage, memory and cloud application. With our focus on flexibility and employee development, you can experience many different aspects of data center technology, and find the path for you as you build your skills and experience.

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Connectivity Group

DCG’s Networking Division (ND) is working on drivers and API for Intel® Ethernet series products, including both network cards and integrated controllers for server platforms as well as switching components.

As a member of ND, your work will impact one of the most fundamental parts of the modern world: our ability to connect. We’re reaching beyond 100 gbps, and creating the connectivity speeds that will be necessary to support a generation of devices driven by the cloud. Join us in enabling the online experiences of the next generation.

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Network Platforms Group

The Gdansk-based Network Platforms Group (NPG) is responsible for providing platforms and solutions for the broad telecommunication market. NPG Poland consists of three main groups responsible for the Intel® QuickAssist (QAT), Video Cloud Accelerator (VCA) and Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) software.

If you have a passion for achieving the highest level of performance and quality across a variety of platforms, NPG Poland has a home for you.

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Data Center Engineering Group

The technologies and products developed by the Data Center Engineering Group (DEG) are essential components of the Intel® Server Platform. These technologies make it possible to implement both the basic functions necessary for servers to operate, as well as enable advanced features such as energy consumption management.

In DEG, your work will connect with customers all over the world, providing essential control and performance enhancements for some of the world’s biggest data centers.

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Data Center Solutions Group

Our Data Center Solutions teams in Poland develop the technologies necessary for end manufacturers and providers of cloud computing services to integrate Intel products, such as our Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI) and our new 3D Xpoint™ memory technology, into their existing systems.

If you are interested in communicating and serving a worldwide base of customers while developing creative and innovative solutions, both open source and for production, the DC Solutions teams are the place for you at Intel.

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Intel Architecture & Pathfinding Group

One of the newest additions to DCG Poland is the Intel Architecture and Pathfinding Group (IAPG). This group is working on innovative technologies that do not yet exist at Intel. The group primarily handles projects in the proof of concept (PoC) stage, which can range from single functionality research to early development phase of the product.

If you want to work on leading edge technology several years before it appears on the market, submit your application today, and join our efforts to enable the amazing experiences of the future.

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Benefits at Intel Poland


Our total rewards package goes above and beyond just a paycheck. Whether you are looking to build your career, improve your health or protect your wealth, we offer generous benefits to help you achieve your goals.

Our benefits packages have been tailored to the needs of our employees, including:

  • Annual Performance Bonuses as well as Quarterly Profit Bonuses based on company performance
  • Private medical coverage and Life Insurance
  • Sports benefits (Multisport card)
  • Ticket restaurant card
  • Intel Great Place to Work program which gathers people who love running, cycling, squash, tennis, cross fit, photography, and many more
  • Relax during energetic team events (skiing, scuba diving, kayaking, etc.)
  • Chill out with unlimited amount of coffee, tea, and soft drinks.

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Life at Intel


Our employees' passion for innovation drives new technologies that solve real-world challenges across the globe. Meet some of our amazing team members at Gdańsk.

“It’s a great feeling knowing that I am creating the technology of the future. I like the fact that I know how the technology in 2020 will look like.” - Mańkowska Monika

“To describe what I love about working here in one word: “People”. I’m managing a great team and I work with awesome peers and collogues from all around the world every day.” - Aleksander Stankiewicz

“It is amazing how dynamic a career can be at Intel. 8 years ago, when I started my adventure, I was a test engineer developing basic test scenarios. Since then, I’ve created entire test environments, designed and built a lot of HW tools for server board development and validation and had my hand in the development of whole new business group.” - Stanislaw Remizowicz

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