What you'll do

As part of Corporate Services, you'll support both factory and office infrastructure. It starts at the earliest stages in design and construction and continues on to operation and maintenance of our mechanical, electrical, and chemical systems. You’ll also play an integral role in our energy and natural resource conservation programs. We are the people that make the innovations possible by ensuring Intel is one of the safest and coolest workplaces in the world.

What we make possible

What we make possible

Eco-Responsible Operations: We look to positively impact the world through our actions and the application of our technology.

Recycling at Intel: Today, everywhere that Intel operates, more than 70 percent of all waste is recycled.

Intel Solar Installations in California and Arizona: At Intel, we use technology to operate our business efficiently and to create a sustainable future.


What you'll bring

We look for candidates with a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate* in various engineering disciplines—architectural, chemical, civil, environmental, electrical (instrumentation and controls/power), ergonomics, industrial, mechanical, or safety—as well as in facilities management, construction/project management, or industrial hygiene. We are also looking for individuals with the right combination of skills and experience in:

  • Project and program management
  • Safety evaluation and regulations
  • Cost estimating
  • Strategic planning
  • System integration
  • Customer service skills
  • Statistical process control and analysis

* At Intel Israel, we look for candidates with a Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, or Practical Engineering degree.

A Job Like Mine

"During my master's degree program at Texas A&M, I had the opportunity to work as a summer intern at the Intel facility in Chandler, Arizona. It was a great fit from the beginning, and after my internship, I was determined to get a full-time job at Intel." - Miki, Ergonomics and Injury Prevention Program Manager, Folsom, California, USA

"I was attracted to Intel when the company was starting operations in Costa Rica 14 years ago. Some of the qualities that I appreciate the most include Intel's market leadership, consistent transparency and ethics, environmental awareness, and overall integrity. I also feel a lot of respect for Intel's involvement with the community, their educational programs, and the social projection." - Ana, Integrated Facilities Maintenance Manager, Heredia, Costa Rica

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