Intel's internal customers from Product Development to Manufacturing rely on the quality materials and on-time delivery enabled by our Materials, Planning, and Purchasing staff. These individuals provide what our manufacturing facilities need for success, including world-class production materials, forecasting, scheduling and distribution support, contract negotiations, supplier relationship management, and new business integration—all with the goal of helping Intel maintain a global competitive advantage.

What You'll Do

Our Materials, Planning, and Purchasing teams keep our complex global manufacturing efforts on track. From planning, procuring, and forecasting all goods and services to managing the factory supply line, these people keep our production running smoothly. As part of this team, you’ll help optimize inventory, drive product build plans, and provide product engineering and marketing supply line support. And when it comes to supplier management and materials planning, you’ll have the ultimate responsibility for ensuring we partner with the right providers.


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What You'll Bring

For our Materials positions, we look for candidates from a variety of backgrounds and educational tracks, including business, supply chain or materials management, purchasing, operations, finance, manufacturing, statistics, construction, and information systems.


What We Make Possible

Responsible Operations
Intel was named EPA Green Power Partner of the Year for our voluntary efforts to address climate change through green power purchases and our impact in advancing the renewable energy market.

Energy Efficient Products
Intel is delivering environmental innovation through sustainable practices.

Supply Chain Innovation
In this Intel case study, Radio-frequency Identification is shown to provide inventory efficiency, cost savings, and increased productivity.


A Job Like Mine

Sean, Sourcing Manager
Shannon, Ireland

"My job benefits Intel by saving the company millions of dollars each year and making the company more profitable."


Fanny, Supply Planning Operations Chipsets Product Line Manager
Heredia, Costa Rica

"I was attracted to Intel because, 13 years ago, they were the 'new big company on the block'. Everybody wanted to join a company offering good salaries; to me it was a critical thing."

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