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Brian Krzanich, Intel CEO: The Future of Autonomous Driving Starts Today

Intel is collaborating with the world's leaders in automotive design and technology to turn visionary concepts for automated driving into reality.

As the car moves to the center of the software-defined autonomous world, Intel is delivering scalable, secure solutions for transportation and automated driving. Communication between car and cloud will enable new experiences, made possible by Intel® technologies that span in-vehicle computing, 5G connectivity, and the data center.

Intel is an architect of transportation for a better life and a safer world.

Now is the best time for you to join our Automated Driving efforts and step into the future.

Learn more about Intel’s role in the Automated Driving here.

Automated Driving Solutions
Life and Benefits at Intel

Life and Benefits at Intel

Our compensation and benefits are more than a competitive salary, health care benefits, and a generous bonus structure including both annual performance bonuses and quarterly profit bonuses. Here’s what real people had to say when asked about what they find special about the benefits offered to employees at Intel* and their life at Intel.

“The benefits that are particularly important to me are the Intel Stock Purchase Program (SPP) and the Extended Leave Program (ELP). Both of them are free decisions of the employee. The SPP allows an employee to invest a small part of the salary on a monthly basis into the Intel stock purchase at the discounted price. The ELP program enables the employee to accumulate the unused vacation days over years and then take a several weeks’ leave to enjoy travelling or fulfilling other dreams. During the employee’s absence there is a backfill provided by someone else so that you don’t need to worry about the work not getting done.”

- Elena Pegova, Intel Finance Specialist

“I personally appreciate the financial support Intel is providing for the day care of our two year old son. This contribution is very important for all families with small children at Intel Germany.”

- Kerstin Agner, Intel Administrative Support Specialist

“I love to run, I even compete in 5K and 10K races. So I got together with some of my colleagues here and we started taking daily runs through the forest near the office on our lunch breaks. Intel provides showers so we can take our run, get back, shower, get changed and get back to work. It’s a nice way to break up your day.”

- Carlos Lopez, Hardware Engineer

“Intel’s flexible working schedule is a big part of why I like it here. This makes it easier for many people with children to manage their day, enabling them to do things like bring their kids to school. I also like being able to work from home when want take care of any personal needs or appointments that can’t be postponed.”

- Sabrina Keller, Data Planner

*Specific benefits may vary per location.

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

We offer a variety of career opportunities within the Automated Driving Group at the Intel offices in Karlsruhe and Munich. We encourage you to take a look at the profiles below and if you are interested in taking your next step with us, apply for Karlsruhe job openings and Munich job openings.

Our size, geographic breadth and variety of businesses provide you with endless opportunities where personal development, professional growth and working with teams of brilliant people across the globe are everyday parts of the job.

Software Development Engineers

  • Embedded system design and development for automotive, industrial, or aerospace/military applications
  • Knowledge in Audio/DSP, Security, FUSA, RTOS, Car Network, Linux, Android OR deep understanding of embedded Systems, hardware related software, boot loader, drivers and Linux.
  • Debugging hardware and software related issues.
  • Analyze network protocols recognize and develop network performance solutions
  • Functional safety knowledge
  • C++ and Python script language.

Automotive Process Engineers

  • Industry experience in engineering, project management or quality management
  • Deep knowledge of automotive and industry standards like ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, CMMI, (A)SPICE or similar.
  • Product Lifecycle Management and SW Engineering processes
  • Tools like git, Jenkins, RTC, Doors NG.
  • Functional Safety standards ISO26262 and/or IEC61508 and associated methodologies like FTA, FME(D)A, HAZOP, etc.

Functional Safety Architects

  • Design and architecture of complex silicon SoC subsystems
  • Design of DFx design for test capabilities
  • Design for resilience against soft errors ex. ECC
  • Design & implementation of software test libraries Functional safety standards, in particular ISO 26262

Graphics Virtualization Expert Engineers

  • C, C++ and Linux scripting knowledge
  • Work in Kernel Mode Driver development interacting closely with hardware teams.
  • Graphics HW architecture knowledge and/or Graphics SW programming
  • Camera pipeline (Video-In)
  • Virtualization experience and specifically graphics virtualization, GPU sharing by multiple domains

Firmware Security Engineers

  • Experience with Intel Architecture Platforms in the area of BIOS, boot, and initialization processes.
  • Verified boot, Secure Storage encrypted flash, Trusted Execution Environment, Cryptographic Acceleration, Secure Clock, Monotonic Counters, and True RNG in an automotive application.
  • Low-level programming, system architecture, operating systems, device architecture, hardware design, and real time embedded control systems. Interest in security and have demonstrable examples of designing secure systems.
  • Functionally safe domains such as Medical, Automotive, Aerospace, or Industrial

Security Architects

  • Excellent understanding of security issues, concerns and security solution principles.
  • Array of platforms client, server, mobile, and IoT for architecture and security topics.
  • Proven experience in leading architecture and design of large and complex solutions.
  • A detailed understanding of a breadth of security solutions, overall security concerns, and solution architectures.
Employees Stories

Employees Stories

Intel is all about designing and developing technology that has a real impact on how we live. Nowhere are the results of this felt more than in the field of autonomous cars. Driving is an integral part of modern life, and as cars become ever more sophisticated, Intel will continue to be there to develop new standards to lead the way forward. As part of Intel’s commitment to this emerging technology, we have made automated driving one of the cornerstones of the Virtuous Cycle that Intel’s future growth will rest upon..

We recently spoke to some of the engineers working on the ground in Karlsruhe, Germany to provide a snapshot of what brought them to this project and what others could look forward to when they pursue a career with Intel. We’ll be presenting each of their takes on a unique aspect of what we mean when we say, “Amazing works here.”