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Our Vision for AI

At Intel, our vision is that if it is smart and connected, it is best with Intel. As such, we have become uniquely positioned to realize great strides in the development of AI for a wide variety of applications. Intel uniquely offers a range of computer solutions for machine learning in the data center from general purpose to targeted silicon. At the edge, Intel also offers a portfolio of processors that utilize common intelligent APIs for distributed and collaborative intelligence.

Thanks to our recent investments in training time technologies developed by the recently acquired Nervana Systems, and our own leading-edge computer vision powerhouse, Movidius, Intel is positioned better than ever to build intelligence into every device, with data center functions distributed across a continuum from the edge to the cloud, and real-time communication occurring over high-speed 5G networks. At this juncture, we will have both the infrastructure and the algorithms to create more advanced AI with the ability to think independently, and our deep collaborations on the emerging 5G standards will make that possible.

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Make an Impact

Working here isn’t just about advancing technology for the sake of making the latest and greatest, it’s about developing complete solutions for real world problems. Intel is deploying AI to tackle issues that range from problems as complex as Internet Harassment to practical solutions for business needs.

George Kennedy, Technical Lead for Intel’s Hack Harassment campaign, shared the story of his rapid development at Intel along with his experience working on projects that make a real difference.

Read about George’s journey here.

Some other recent projects our AI algorithms have been called upon to assist include:

Publishing Opportunities:

In addition to difference-making projects, Intel employees have had research papers published in several top tier Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence conferences including ACM ICMI 2015, NIPS 2016, CVPR 2016 and ACM Multimedia 2016. Intel AIG is committed to the advancement of the field as well as to finding practical applications for the latest in AI.

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Benefits at Intel

A career at Intel is more than a job, it’s a chance to take advantage of top rated benefits. In addition to our competitive compensation, our benefits packages have been tailored to the needs of our employees, including:

  • Annual Performance Bonuses as well as Quarterly Profit Bonuses based on company performance.
  • Tuition Assistance for Children
  • Paid Maternity Leave
  • Health Benefits including Annual Health Check-ups, a personal Wellness Coach, Onsite Clinics and Fitness Centers, and Healthy Food Choices in our Cafeterias.
  • Professional Development Programs to help you reach your full potential.
Intel Engineering Leadership Program

Career Opportunities

We offer a variety of career opportunities within our Artificial Intelligence Product Group at Intel offices worldwide. We encourage you to take a look at the profiles below and if you are interested in taking your next step with us, take a look at all of our artificial intelligence jobs.

Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer

Use predictive modeling, statistics, Machine Learning, Data Mining, and other data analysis techniques to collect, explore, and extract insights from structure and unstructured data.

Deep Learing/Machine Learning Software Engineer

Responsible for analyzing and optimizing key deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) algorithms and applications on current and next generation Intel hardware

Deep Learning Computational Graph Engineer

Compilation of deep learning model descriptions in multiple frameworks into efficient code for execution in a variety of environments.

Distributed DL Algorithms Developer

Define high level parallelism semantics and APIs for building models in nervana graph framework and frontends such as neon, TensorFlow and similar techologies