Accelerated Leadership Program

Intel's Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) is a unique post-MBA leadership development initiative designed to attract top MBA graduates. With the mentorship of influential senior leaders, ALP associates navigate through a series of challenging, vastly diverse, and high-visibility rotations that span the entire company.

After completing the program, associates may return to one of their previous rotation groups, or pursue an opportunity elsewhere within the company at a senior management level.


'As an ALP associate, I was able to work on challenging projects and build my network. Now as the director of the program I can draw on my experiences in ALP to guide new associates in their journey.' -- Tabassum Rahman, ALP '11, MIT Sloan, ALP Program Director

How to apply

We typically hire ALP associates for full-time positions from August to December. Go to and search for ALP to apply.

When applying for ALP candidacy, please indicate your interest as "ALP US" or "ALP China" in your resume objective.


The ALP Internship

In addition to the full-time post-MBA Accelerated Leadership Program, Intel also offers a 12​-week, high-intensity summer internship experience for exceptional first-year MBA candidates.

During this internship, you will contribute to a key project in one of our business groups. You will work side-by-side with senior managers to develop strategies and plan execution for initiatives that transform our existing business and lead us into new growth opportunities. Completion of a successful internship may result in an offer for the full-time ALP Rotation.

As an ALP intern, I was able to ramp quickly and make significant impact during my internship.

Additional qualifications

US ALP Class

For associate positions in our US ALP Class you must have unrestricted right to work in the US. A minimum of 4 years of full-time, professional work experience is also required.

ALP China Class

We also have a limited number of ALP China positions that help us to develop our leadership talent for Intel China. The China program allows you to spend the first two rotations in the US and the third rotation in China, with the final placement continuing in China. Intel ALP China internships are completed in the US as part of the US ALP internship cohort. Mandarin speaking/communication is required.

As a global company, we offer ALP opportunities to make an impact at the following Intel US sites: Hillsboro, OR; Santa Clara, CA; Chandler, AZ; and Folsom, CA. For ALP China, we offer opportunities at Intel China sites including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Dalian and Xian.


ALP Experience

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