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Sabrina Keller

Sabrina Keller

Sabrina Keller, Data Planner in the Hardware Engineering team, the Automated Driving Group

When I first heard about Intel’s Automotive Division, I was surprised because I only really knew Intel as a chip manufacturer at the time. I’ve since come to learn that Intel has much more to offer than “only” processors. Intel is a broad company with interests in all kinds of technology, from IOT to security to datacenters. It’s really been nice to see these parts of the company become more recognized and realize just how many specialties have a home here.

If I were to define the key principles and values that everybody here holds onto while conducting business, I would include the concepts of Diversity, Quality, Discipline, Results Orientation, and Respect for your fellow colleagues. I feel like those values are present and noticeable in everything we do and in every position.

One of the most interesting parts about working here is the freedom you get from job hierarchy. You can openly talk to your manager, or the manager of your manager even, to share ideas or challenge their proposals without having to think about how such an interaction would be perceived. There is a level of open honesty here that is very refreshing. Combine that with the flexibility of our work schedule and you don’t have to feel like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder. You are free to work the best way for you so long as you are achieving the productivity and quality expected of you. I also really appreciate the transparency of the business. For example, we can participate in a number of open forums and quarterly business update meetings every year, so you as an employee know what’s going on inside the company.

One thing a lot of people here like to talk about is the opportunity for travel. I had the opportunity to go on a job rotation last year, where I lived in the United States for three months while working in a Material Program Manager role. Not only did I get to experience life in another country, but I also got to see another facet of my own work from the perspective of the people who take the plans and designs I work on and turn them into real components to send back to the engineering team in Karlsruhe. I had no idea what that process was like before then! It was a great opportunity and I´m happy that Intel offers such possibilities. I would encourage everybody to do it at least once!

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