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Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez

Carlos Lopez, Hardware Engineer, the Automated Driving Group

I’ve been at Intel for 10 years this summer. I actually started as an intern in Massachusetts after graduating with my masters from the University of Arizona. I originally intended to only stay in Massachusetts for the 10 month duration of the internship, then go back to Arizona, but while I was working there I was introduced to some great contacts out in Oregon, which eventually led me to becoming a full time employee at Intel there. Then in 2013, I heard about a new project going on in Germany working on tech for cars. I got the opportunity to go try it out for six months while covering for another engineer that was away on paternity leave, and I liked what I was doing so much I decided to stay. I’ve been here for three years now. My German still isn’t great, but I get along alright.

I relocated both for the usual professional reason of wanting to work on a cool new project, and also for the personal reason that I wanted to try experiencing something new. Working at Intel is amazing because it gives you opportunities like this to see the world without having to deal with the uncertainty of finding a way to make a living wherever you are going. I have a family and a lot of people have to give up on any ideas of living in other places because of the risks involved, but with Intel I was able to take on this new adventure without giving up on the security my family needs.

Intel is really good at providing a working culture where you can really balance your work and life. For example, I love to run, I even compete in 5K and 10K races. So I got together with some of my colleagues here and we started taking daily runs through the forest near the office on our lunch breaks. Intel even provides showers so we can take our run, get back, shower, get changed and get back to work. It’s a nice way to break up your day. There’s also a lot of flexibility in your schedule without a fixed start and end time of the day. Some people choose to come into the office very early at 6am and get the work done so that they can leave early in the afternoon or some others may prefer to come after 9am and work a bit later in the evening.

And when I don’t need to be physically in the office to work with a fabricated part, I can login and get my work done from home, which lets me be around for my little daughter when my wife has appointments or help out at home if our daughter gets sick.

The other cool part is the location. I live in Stuttgart, which is a pretty big city, and take the train out to Karlsruhe every day, but on the weekends, I’m only at around a three hour train ride from Paris, or Switzerland, or any number of other amazing places to see. It’s really great to get to explore all these different countries so easily!

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